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If You Want To Change The World, Start With Yourself.


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Thanks for stopping by. If you don’t already know me, my name is Nicolette, and I’m the Creator & Founder of Bossbabe Fitness, LLC.

Reading, especially personal development, has been HUGE in my journey from rock bottom to thriving.

Here, I share with you the books that have helped me along the way in hopes that they, too, will help you.

I also share a condensed version of my success story, and I can’t wait until the day you share yours with me, too!



“I grew up in two abusive homes, one with an addict parent.

At the age of 15, I began working two jobs, just under full-time, secretly stashing money from one of my jobs into a little plastic wallet that I hid in my bedroom so that I could move out at 18.

Just after my 18th birthday, I signed my lease and ventured out on my own.

At my first college, a TRiO (government program meant to retain kids who are expected to drop out of college) advisor showed me that I qualified for 4/5 of the reasons that put kids at risk to drop out.

First generation
Low income
Disadvantage home situation

It lit a fire in my belly and made me want to succeed even more.

Fast forward, 6 years later. I graduated undergrad Summa Cum Laude and obtained my Masters degree with a 4.0.

My graduate school research that investigated what learning resources child abuse survivors are interested in utilizing to succeed in independent adult living was published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

Now and moving forward, I’m using that research to build a database of learning resources to help teen and young adult survivors of child abuse succeed in independent adult living via the philanthropic No Longer Silenced Movement.

Long story short…

Dust Settles. I Don’t.”

Do It Because You Didn't Come This Far

To Only Come This Far.

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