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Our Mission.

It’s been stated that we can always identify the strong women because they’re the ones building up one another.  Bossbabe Fitness, LLC serves to empower women to live balanced, fulfilled lives so that they can succeed in their personal missions.

Meet Our CEO.

After leaving a rural village with a population of less than 400 at age 18, where her first job was detasseling corn, Nicolette independently ventured out into the world. For seven years, she carried around the thornbush of her undesirable childhood and struggled with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks and coped with numerous unhealthy mechanisms.  It was through these struggles that Nicolette discovered her passion for empowering child abuse survivors and balanced, healthy living. Today, Nicolette serves to help others live their most fulfilled lives because she truly believes that when we focus on improving ourselves and adding value through service to others, we thrive. She’s a dog-loving Target addict who is passionate about fitness, leadership, and empowering child abuse survivors to help them help themselves through No Longer Silenced Movement. She loves stupid humor movies like Step Brothers and the occasional not-so-guilty pleasure reality show, although you can usually catch her reading personal development or doing something outdoors.

Oh, and she thinks those two guys on the right are pretty cool, too.

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(PS. Formally, she’s trained as an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with interests in leadership and motivation.)