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You’re ready to make a change, but you’re just not quite sure where to start.

Or maybe you’ve already started making that change, and now you’re feeling lonely because those closest to you just don’t seem to “get it.”

…That’s where we come in!

Meet your new, virtual BFFs.

(In-person meet-ups are cool, too!)

The Bossbabe Fitness, LLC Community is here to support you in living a balanced, healthy life so that you can succeed in your personal mission.

Each of us has our own personal mission, and we believe in a 3-part system to help elevate our potential:


  1. Your Vessel – Take care of your body, your vessel, to better serve your purpose.
  2. Your Mind – Plug into personal development for steady growth and increased achievement.
  3. Your Tribe – Stay connected to your community of empowering women for encouragement and accountability to stay on track.


We also believe in the 80/20 rule, meaning that we make healthy choices about 80% of the time…and we still love eatin’ tacos and sippin’ prosecco.

We support each other through our struggles, and cheer for each other in our victories.

Real Friends. Real Conversations.

Together, we all succeed.

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Nicolette's Story.

Hello, Friend!

I’m SO freakin’ happy that you’re here and proud of you for taking steps to improve your health.

Our bodies are our vessels, and the better care we take of them, the better we become at whatever it is that we strive to be … mothers, friends, CEOs, Church leaders, (*insert your goal here*).

Please allow me to introduce myself.

Hi! My name is Nicolette.

At the age of 18, I left my little rural village of less than 400 people (where my first job was detasseling corn, lol!) and independently ventured out into the world.

For seven years, I carried around the thornbush of my undesirable childhood and struggled with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks and coped with numerous unhealthy mechanisms.

Through these struggles, I discovered my passions for empowering child abuse survivors and balanced, healthy living.

Fitness and the fitness community saved my freakin’ life, and today, I want to give that back by helping others realize how much greater life can be, and how much more successful they can become, when they take care of their bodies, invest in themselves, and surround themselves with uplifting people.

I truly believe that when we focus on improving ourselves and adding value through service to others, we thrive.

Anyway, that’s enough about me!

Let’s back to who really matters here, YOU!

Could you benefit from a private community of women who are dedicated to becoming their best selves and succeeding in their personal missions? If So, Please Click Here Now To Join Our Community On Facebook!



Rave Reviews.

"I Saw All These Other Amazing Women Joining The Bossbabe Fitness Community...So I Joined The Bossbabe Fitness Community." -Your Future Self.

Because we’re a tight-knit community, and some of what we share with one another can be personal, we choose to keep our Members’ names and faces anonymous in relation to their reviews in order to protect their privacy.

“I want to give a little shout out for the killer live video the other day on the 7 facets of wellness! What valuable info!”


“I finally got tired of living a sad life due to negativity and was so embarrassed once I realized how I let it take over my life. I am not embarrassed anymore, it was a learning lesson I will say, but also made me stronger and feel comfortable now to help others that are in this position. I wish I would have had this well-being article and these four questions above to help me through and hope anyone reading this that is suffering from the Negative Nancy’s definitely takes advantage of these tips!


“I have struggled with intense anxiety for as long as I can remember. I used to make it worse by feeling so ashamed of it! What has really helped me is just accepting that anxiety is a part of my life. Do I like it? Not at all. But I can manage it. I have found what really helps my anxiety and what really triggers it.  

I love this article though! It seems like we all need to pretend to be 100% on and happy these days when that’s not human at all. Great post!”


“It’s like my version of Jesus calling but for non religious and more motivational, emotional, and physical health lol! It makes you analyze where your mental, physical, and even emotional health weaknesses are and critiques but in a way that makes you not feel like you’re all alone to create new habits, hobbies, skills etc. and is a motivational push to start new things and help you get started and the perks and benefits of healthy routines! This is epic for anyone who needs that extra “umphh” in their life and reminder that we are not alone!”


“This is so awesome and very true. As a domestic violence survivor I couldn’t agree with you more. I have on MANY occasions, suffered in silence. Then I go right back to normal routines like nothing happened. This is the girl chat we need to have with other women without judgment or shame. You need a trustworthy sister to call for encouragement and advice. Sisterhood is everything. Even if it scares you to be a hero, we must be willing to be there for each other if only to be a witness. Thank you for always inspiring me and other Boss Babes. Greatness beyond your imagination awaits you.”


“Whether you’re wanting a healthier diet, a more solid workout routine, some daily inspiration and motivation, or just some new uplifting girlfriends, THIS is the place to be!”


“I’m loving your posts and videos making me get off my butt and get in the gym haha!”


“I followed your advice and got myself to the apartment’s gym and did a half hour of intervals and stair climbers, and now I can’t feel my legs or my a$$.  I blame you.  LOL!  HAAAALP I WANT PIZZA!”


“Between my girls’ activities and my students, our family has six concerts to attend/perform/conduct in the next four days. At the beginning of the year, Nicolette introduced me to the idea of organized meal prep as a tool for weight loss. Since I got home from scouts at 6 tonight, I’ve prepped all the meals the five of us will eat breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks between now and Friday. Without this prepping, we would be eating out four nights this week–something that wouldn’t be healthy for us physically or financially. And I don’t have to stress about it.”